Our mission is to maximise the planting potential of humanity.

Our vision

Plant Paradise aims to connect volunteers with planting projects on a global scale.

We are developing a platform that makes it easy for planting projects to promote their events, and simple for volunteers to discover local planting and permaculture work.

Now is the time to give back to the planet we have taken so much from.

Why planting?

It is estimated that planting 0.9 billion hectares of trees could sequester around 68% of the carbon that has been dumped into the atmosphere by human activity. 1

However, we’ll need all hands on deck to plant the several trillion trees needed to curb the devastation we are facing.

Therefore, we need to give everyone the opportunity to get stuck in and get planting. We see a more beautiful world on the horizon, but we have to dig deep.

What we're doing

We are currently trialling the Plant Paradise platform with the Three Hares Community Woodland.

The beta version is being trialled in select events throughout this year. Please contact us or sign up to the mailing list if you would like to be involved with user testing.

Our team

William Cutting

Co-founder and Director

Umar Hossain

Co-founder and Director

With support from

Get involved

We are looking for a number of paid and voluntary roles to be filled, including:

• Social media manager
• Business/development student or contractor
• Volunteers needed for onboarding organisations
• Legal advisor (GDPR, charities)

Full details can be found here. Please get in touch if any of those sound interesting to you!

Contact us

If you’re interested in the project and would like to send us a message please click here.

Otherwise, please subscribe to our mailing list below for updates on test events and other news.

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  1. Bastin, Jean-Francois, et al. "The global tree restoration potential." Science 365.6448 (2019): 76-79.